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No matter what your style is, vinyl flooring offers a wide range of options. Additionally, vinyl offers maximum comfort.


Discover the benefits of vinyl and get inspired – here, on our website, or at one of our inspiration and experience studios.

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Why vinyl?

Warm and comfortable

A vinyl floor feels soft and warm, which makes it extremely comfortable to walk on. It’s also suitable to combine with underfloor heating.

Soundproofing effect

Choosing vinyl means you choose soundproofing floors. That’s what makes vinyl so perfect for places like flats

Easy upkeep

Looking for a floor that’s waterproof and sturdy? Vinyl is extremely easy to manage and doesn’t lose its colour.

A wide array of styles

From a concrete to a wooden look, a tile motif, terrazzo or fishtail: vinyl flooring offers many design options that will fit your project to a t.

Wide selection

No matter what your style is, our wide range is guaranteed to provide you with a vinyl floor that meets all your needs

Professional advice

Our team of floor fanatics will happily guide you through our vinyl flooring selection and provide you with custom advice.

In-house installation service

Our experienced installers will put your vinyl flooring in place and give you handy maintenance tips.

Exclusive inspiration studios

Come discover our vinyl selection at one of our inspiration and experience studios.