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The Atrio team is full of floor fanatics who work hard every day to help customers find the right floors. Will you join us?

A dynamic, high-spirited working environment

Atrio is a relatively young, yet experienced business in the construction industry. Joining Atrio means you join a dynamic working environment. We give 100%, every day – for our customers and our colleagues. 

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Years active

Our values

Striving for perfection

We strive for perfection in everything we do. Our strong sense of responsibility is what pushes us to reach that standard.


Flexibility is one of Atrio’s strong suits. Our team takes on a flexible way of working with clients, partners and colleagues.

Experienced team leaders

Atrio is where various fields of expertise meet. Each team has an experienced team leader who supports and guides all team members.

Opportunity to grow

As a member of the Atrio team, the ball is in your court. We have faith in our employees and give them the chance to grow based on what they are interested in. 

Why do customers choose Atrio? .

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One-stop shop

From advice and inspiration to installation and aftercare: Atrio is a complete partner.

In-house installation service

Atrio is the flooring expert with the largest in-house installation service in Belgium.

Wide selection

Customers choose from over 3,000 floors in various materials, tailored to their style and budget.

European quality

Atrio focuses on sustainable materials and European suppliers

Open vacancies

Spontaneous applications

Haven’t found a vacancy that suits you? We welcome spontaneous applications, as well!
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