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Shaped by Mother Earth, created for your project. That’s Atrio’s natural stone range. Discover the possibilities for natural stone floors, wall panels and customisation and let our website or one of our inspiration and experience studios inspire you. 

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Why natural stone?

Luxurious look

Every kind of natural stone has characteristic colour schemes. That is what makes natural stone surfaces so unique and what gives them such a beautiful and luxurious look. If you choose a custom project as well, your natural stone and your project will become even more special!

Sustainable and durable

Natural stone has a strong and sustainable nature. That means natural stone is wear- and scratch-resistant. With some decent upkeep, the quality and look of the tiles can be protected for decades.

Easy upkeep

With the right products, you can easily clean and take care of natural stone. This protects the vibrancy of your natural stone and keeps the surface from becoming dull. Our experts are happy to provide you with upkeep tips and products.

Added value to your home

Natural stone is usually a bit pricier to purchase. Then again, it does add value to your home, in every way. Natural stone fits any interior style, is easy to apply and lasts a lifetime.

Wide selection

Pick from various kinds of natural stone, such as marble, travertine, limestone, sandstone, slate and granite.

Professional advice

Our advice will help you find the perfect natural stone for your home, room or project. 

In-house customisation atelier

Would you like a kitchen worktop, stairs or other interior elements tailor-made in natural stone? Our atelier brings your vision to life. 

In-house installation service

Our in-house installation service will install your natural stone and provide you with upkeep tips.